Are you ready to get SEEN and PAID in your online business? 

Then join me for the Get Gutsy, Make Green 7 Day Visibility Challenge! 

This challenge isn’t just about being more SEEN, but it’s about being more YOU, showing up unfiltered, being raw, real and sharing your message with the masses to create impact like never before.  

You will get practical action steps, plus I will be guiding you through the mental muck that’s been stopping you from playing all out!  

This year is almost over (yes, already!) and it’s time to step up and make the impact (and the moolah) you desire!  

Ready to kick business butt and end 2018 with a bang! It's all starts here... 

Hosted by Jenn Scalia, Visibility Strategist and Mindset Maven for Online Entrepreneurs Who Want The World To Know Their Name 

What: 7 Day Visibility Challenge 

When: September 17th - 23rd  

Where: Everywhere, Online! 

Why: Because your business needs it!

This is for you if...

  • You're good at what you do, but not enough people know about you
  • You know you have a message to share but you freeze up when it comes to posting on social media, sending an email to your list or going live. 
  • You sometimes let your ego, doubts and fears keep you from playing full out in your business 
  • You keep "hush" a lot, even when you know you have something to say, because you don't want to rock the boat or ruffle any feathers
  • You know you brand deserves to be seen and paid, but you're not exactly sure how to get it out there to the masses 
  • You're ready to stop playing small and get out there in a big way, that feels good and attracts your ideal clients.  

Major Visibility in Just One Week? Here's What You Get When Your Join: 

Ditch the excuses for why you’ve been hiding in your biz (or just not playing FULL OUT!) 

Get clarity on your message and how to tell people what you do in a way that makes them want to buy NOW 

Learn how to self promote like a boss (and without the sleaze)

Craft a no-brainer offer that gets the cash flowing (seriously, they won’t be able to say “no”) 

The right way to use vulnerable posts and stories to call in your true fans

Getting wayyy outside of your comfort zone to attract and magnetize people to your personal brand

Taking a stand for who you are and showing up online in a way that feels good and makes sales

The #1 Way to create instant authority and credibility in your niche, even if your new or don't consider yourself an expert... yet!


Challenge Details

What: 7 Day Visibility Challenge 

When: September 17th - 23rd

Where: Everywhere, Online!

Why: Because posting in other people's Facebook groups and crossing your fingers in NOT a business strategy!

Why Listen To Me?

I'm Jenn Scalia, Visibilty Strategist and Mindset Maven for entrepreneurs who want the world to know their name.

I've worked with thousands of entrepreneurs to help them start and grow their online businesses. I have helped my clients get their first clients, make their first six figures and even their first Million! 

I have been known as the “Visibility Queen” the “Content Queen” and the “Manifesting Queen”. I help my clients gain visibility, get clients, attract opportunities and become known as the go to expert, by starting from the inside out. 

But when I first started, even though I had a background in marketing and social media, I knew nothing about the online coaching and internet world. But I was determined to make a name for myself and fulfill my calling to change the world…  

So over the last 4 years, I have acquired over 2,000 paying customers, 75,000 fans, followers and subscribers across all platforms and have generated over $2Million in online sales of my courses, programs and services.  

In this challenge, I want to show you EXACTLY what I did to gain momentum as an unknown coach and skyrocket my visibility, impact, and finances. 

Register for the challenge and start feeling awesome and unstoppable about showing up online!