Next Level Expression and Embodiment for Women Who Want to Call In Higher Levels of Wealth, Opportunities and Pleasure to Their Lives. 

faith /fāTH/ nount in this area

(1): Fidelity to one's promises

(2): Sincerity of intentions/aligned intentions

(3): Firm belief in something for which there is no proof

(4): complete trust or confidence in someone or something

(5): something that is believed especially with strong conviction

(6): Allegiance to duty or a person/Loyalty 

Whether you realize it or not, you are always giving off a vibrational energy. This energy has the power to bring the things you desire closer to you faster, or it has the power to repel that which you so desire. If you aren’t focusing on your frequency daily, you could be keeping the things you want at bay without even realizing it. 


  • Weekly Transmissions 
  • 5 Live Trainings, Plus
  • 2 Live Hot Seat Coaching Calls
  • High Vibe Voxer Chat

You’re already good at what you do, you’re successful in many ways already… but you just know there’s MORE, BIGGER, BETTER and FASTER. This is the missing piece

Imagine, in just over 40 days, you transform into the most radiant, potent, real, powerful, magnetic version of you, that your soulmate people (clients, friends, and men) can’t resist- even if they tried. 

You effortlessly attract opportunities, impact and wealth on levels you’ve previously only dreamed of. 

In this 7-week experience, we will dive into all the ways you could be blocking your next levels of wealth and success without even realizing it. This program will put a magnifying glass to the areas where you are out of alignment and still operating at the “old you” frequency, which is why things have not dramatically changed in your life even though you have been journaling and manifesting it for what seems like forever. 

Once we’ve excavated all the bullshit, we are going to pour gasoline on your fire to snap into your next level self in what will seem like an instant. You won’t even have to “do” anything to get what you want, it will just be magnetized to you as if by magic. 

We will be focusing on mastery in the following areas:






And how they translate into and affect your business, happiness and money. 

We will be getting REAL about what’s really going on in your life, your heart and your soul. Releasing anything that’s out of alignment, amping up your magnetic energy and making your next level a non-negotiable. 

Be ready for massive and rapid transformation and quantum leaps. 

This is a high touch, high vibe, group coaching experience for those ready to increase their wealth and happiness through embodiment and alignment to their vision and mission. 

Heavy on the mindset and vibe-set, with a little mix of aligned business strategy support. 

Heavy on the calling you out and getting you into full alignment so business feels fun, easy and in flow. 

Alignment is what increased my income by over 1400% in one year. (Mis)Alignment is what kept my income plateaued for two years. Alignment is what what’s fueling my current quantum leap. 

This is for someone who is ready for their next level now. Logically speaking, there is no valid reason you shouldn’t already be where you want to be, except that you are not operating on the frequency of your desires. 

Your Investment: $1555  or 3 payments of $555



We all have one. What does your represent? Does your energy call in daily that which you desire? Or do you find yourself more in the wanting, needing and hoping energy?

Do your vibes speak "come hither" with potential clients knocking down your door wanting to pay you. Or does it feel like you've become a natural repellent to the things you say you want.

Whichever one it is- people can FEEL IT. Yes, even through the screen.

Your only job each day Is to maintain your energy and stay on the frequency of what you want. I show you exactly how to do just that in The Faith Frequency.

Common themes of (funky) energy:

  • Clients and prospects not following through
  • Unexpected events, circumstances or expenses 
  • Every day is beginning to feel like Groundhog Day and you're ready for more life and excitement
  • You receive signs that you are vibrating on the frequency of your desires (IE, you see other people get/have it) but it doesn’t actually manifest for you 
  • You experience mini breakthroughs in other areas of your life, but consistently miss the mark when it comes to love or money 
  • You have super high highs and low lows of energy 
  • You sometimes feel boredom, apathy or loss of inspiration 
  • You experience delays or lack of engagement with no explicable reason

How to know if this is for you:

  • You have a deep desire for something more than currently exists in your reality
  • You can see it happening for other people, you can visualize it clearly, but it hasn’t quite manifested in your life yet
  • You’re doing pretty good in life and business- in fact people from the outside see you as super successful-  but you know the next level consists of so much more
  • You want to snap into it quickly without wasting a bunch of time or learning a bunch of “lessons” 
  • You find that sometimes your actions don’t align with your words and your results don’t match your expectations 
  • You’re doing “all the right things” but it doesn’t seem to be enough
  • You’re craving high vibes, sisterhood and a loving kick in the ass 
  • You.Just.Know.

I’m on a mission to help create more women millionaires. And I don’t believe for one second that you need to DO more to achieve more success. I help ambitious, driven women like you, restore their business alignment so that success just becomes a natural extension of who they are.

I empower women to finally claim the recognition they rightfully deserve and leave a legacy that lasts, without selling out or doing any of that funny, sleazy business that’s rampant in the online space.

I’ve worked with thousands of paying clients, have made millions in online coaching and course sales and have been featured in over 200 publications, including Business Insider, Inc., Fast Company,, and more.


JOIN ME IN THIS EXPERIENCE as we dive deep into quantum leaps from the inside out!

DISCOVER how to elevate every part of your business

WithOUT selling out or doing anything that feels out of alignment

"Jenn's ability to cut through the noise and know what I need to be doing and how to get me there is just what I needed to get my business moving forward. I nailed down my who I am and who I help. Since changing directions I hadn't really nailed it but now I'm much more confident in writing my copy, a huge mental block for me usually."


"Jenn is brilliant and her ability to get you to see past all the things you think you should be doing, to the things you should actually be doing, is amazing! It really helped me get clear on who I'm serving and how I'm serving them. The big picture was enlightening."


"I also cruised over 16k yesterday in Nov cash income. Since I started here and got my butt in high-gear, I've created 31k in cash in two months. Totally insane. The month before I signed up I made 7k...and then gave half to Jenn for this group. Part of the crazy hustle was me being so determined to make that money back!"


Next Level Expansion for High Achieving Women Who Want More.

Your Investment: $1555  or 3 payments of $555